A peek into the history of Ayurveda

Ayurveda, an ancient system of medicine and holistic healing dates back to 5000 years ago. The word "Ayurveda" is derived from the Sanskrit words "Ayur," meaning life, and "Veda," meaning knowledge or science. Thus, Ayurveda can be understood as the "science of life

The fundamental principles of Ayurveda were documented in the ancient texts known as the Vedas, particularly the Atharva Veda. Ayurvedic texts such as Charaka Samhita and the Sushruta Samhita serve as comprehensive guides to the principles, diagnosis, treatments, and medicinal preparations of Ayurvedic products Today, Ayurveda has gained global recognition. It is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a traditional system of medicine and plays an important role in healthcare, wellness, and preventive medicine.

Ayurveda as a way of life

Our modern lifestyles often involve sedentary habits, poor dietary choices, increased stress, and lack of physical activity. These factors are resulting in myriad of clinical issues related to our body and mind. Fortunately, people have realised that this is high time they return back to the underlying foundations. Hence, more and more individuals are currently relinquishing present-day medication and switching to Ayurveda. And we at Rituveda want to be the torch bearer in people's journey of self-transformation to lead a vibrant life.

Our Vision

We at Rituveda strives to be a trusted leader in Ayurvedic healthcare, delivering authentic, cruelty free, chemical free, high-quality products that enhance the lives of our customers. All our products are formulated under the strict guidelines of AYUSH certified experts and Ayurvedic Acharyas. With our passion for Ayurveda, Rituveda family envisions to revolutionize people’s perception of Ayurveda so they can lead a balanced and vibrant life.

About Rituveda

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